Meet The Staff

Our staff is comprised of numerous seasoned professionals on both our business and clinical teams.

We utilize a registered nurse in every general anesthesia and IV sedation surgery for IV placement and airway and vitals monitoring. All of our nurses have over two decades of experience and are BLS certified….some are ACLS and PALS certified as well. It should be noted that registered nurses are not required in our specialty, but with patient safety and well-being as our first concern, we believe the additional level of expertise is warranted.

Our clinical assistants are a combination of both dental and medical assistants which we feel is perfect for our specialty as it is a combination of both of those worlds. There are two clinical assistants in each general anesthesia and IV sedation surgery and at least one in every local anesthesia surgery. We staff in this manner to make sure Dr. Smith is properly supported for the safe and meticulous performance of surgery.

The business team is made up of individuals bringing a variety of business and customer service backgrounds to the mix. They are well-versed in all aspects of the administrative side of an oral surgery practice including but not limited to scheduling, pre-authorization, insurance billing, analyzing an explanation of benefits, proper posting of payments, etc. Due to the longevity with the practice of many of the business team members, they are also incredibly knowledgeable of many of the clinical aspects of the practice as well.